“The shuffle in Ukraine has embarrassed China, they are once again thinking whether to support Russia”

Former Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. (Res.) Amos Yadlin, a senior fellow at Howard University, spoke today (Friday) with Nissim Mash’al on 103fm about the state of hostilities between Russia and Ukraine and assessed whether Russian President Putin would escalate the situation. The war has created great embarrassment in China, which has given Putin a “green light” for the operation, and is now reconsidering its position and support for Russia, in the shadow of Chinese President Shi’s expected conversation today with US President Biden.

In his opening remarks, Yadlin explained that “it is very common that in parallel with the fighting there will also be negotiations, but what is important to understand is whether these negotiations are going somewhere. In my opinion, the gap between the two sides is very large and at this stage “They did not achieve the goals in their favor, went to war, or gave up parts of their country.”

Yadlin explained that “both sides are not ready for this concession, so they are dragged into the continuation of the war. It is not simple, because the Russians have great losses and their logistics are not supportive. Putin is aware of what is happening to his army, which did not provide the performance “Stop now, he will be left with a very serious reputation problem. After all, Russia is itself and when it goes to war, it is not measured in days or weeks.”

He added: “Putin thinks like a head of power and at this moment he feels that if he stops his bet fails. He is like a gambler at the table, increasing the height of the bet. Then either he will succeed, or he will continue to fail big – “Beyond weapons, to this day he has not used them but only hinted at them.”

On the fear of Putin using chemical weapons, he said: “I think it’s a possibility, it’s been on the table for two weeks now, but I still think he’s far from it. He should be given the justification for this move – Putin does not think in terms of the Six Day War More”.

He later referred to China’s role in the war, stressing: “When the Chinese gave the Russians a green light, they thought what Putin thought – that there would be a police operation, that in a few days the Ukrainian government would be ousted and the United States weakened again as it did in Pakistan. “Embarrassment in Beijing and a second thought about whether to continue supporting the Russians. That’s why the conversation with Biden is so important.”

In conclusion, Yadlin addressed the Iranian issue and the progress of the agreement, saying: “Israel is not part of the agreement, and the consideration of whether to continue the covert activity depends on what the Iranians do. There is no restriction on Israel to continue the covert activity even when there is an agreement.

He explained that “what Israel will have to do is prepare itself for a case of progress towards the end of the agreement, in which case Iranians are allowed to increase their nuclear program almost indefinitely, Israel should be prepared with the option. We are a strong country and not dependent on Americans, but disappointing to see how “They are willing to give up on this issue. However, I repeat that it is not over yet.”

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