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Five generals and several police officers have been arrested in the last hours in Madagascar in the framework of the investigation into the failed attack last month against the country’s president, Andriy Rajoelina.

The country’s attorney general, Berthine Razafiarivony, has reported the arrests of 12 “active military and police, including five generals, two captains and five non.commissioned officers.“

Four of those arrested are retired national and foreign police and military personnel, while the last five are civilians, he added, in statements collected by the BBC network.

With these arrests, there are already 21 people under police disposition in relation to the attack on the Malagasy president, including two French citizens with a military past and they have received training at the Saint.Cyr Special Military School.

The president has appeared this weekend in his first public act after the appearance at the end of last month of this frustrated plan against his life, in a speech before the Armed Forces, which he reminded of his “vocation for the defense of the homeland “, collects ‘L’Express du Madagascar’.

Rajoelina, 47, took power for the first time in March 2009 from Marc Ravalomanana with the backing of the military. The president won the last vote in December 2018, after defeating Ravalomanana in an election plagued by accusations of fraud.

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