KLM raises ticket prices due to high oil price, probably also at Brussels Airlines

KLM airline will increase ticket prices for long-haul flights from Friday due to the sharp rise in oil prices. The French sister company Air France is also increasing its prices. A KLM spokesperson confirms this. At Brussels Airlines, a price increase also appears to be imminent.

According to KLM, the price increase depends on the destination and travel class. For example, the price for an economy class ticket for a return flight between Amsterdam and New York will increase by 40 euros and that for a business class ticket by 100 euros. The price increase only applies to new bookings.

Aviation group Lufthansa, and therefore subsidiary Brussels Airlines, continues to monitor the situation in order to take measures if necessary. But a price hike seems likely. “Due to the current development of the crude oil price, a price increase in the course of this year is likely,” said Brussels Airlines.

Fuel is a major expense for airlines. Due to the war in Ukraine and concerns about disruptions to Russian oil supplies, oil prices have soared to their highest levels in years. As a result, the cost of kerosene for aircraft is increasing.

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