The Vice President of the People’s Party Miroslav Aleksić stated today that the “regime of Aleksandar Vučić” has been dispersing people from Serbia for ten years, but that such destruction is coming to an end, because the opposition and citizens are determined to change the government and that determination will give results. parties.

During a tour of the village of Jabukovac near Negotino, before the local elections in that municipality, which are expected in the fall, in which the People’s Party will participate, Aleksic reminded that “there are 800 homes in that village, but 80 percent of people went abroad”.

“Everyone who approached me today said that they wanted to return to live in Serbia, but that the state was completely destroyed and that the government was forcing them to flee Serbia, not to return. Citizens approached the People’s Party and their support, yesterday in Bor is still in Negotino today, he assures me that together we will succeed in changing the government, “said Aleksić.

Aleksic pointed out that the goal of the People’s Party is “a change in the system that would enable people to live decently from their work.“

“Vučić brings companies that open mines, dig up Serbia and make huge profits, and leave us tailings and desolation, poison our rivers and endanger people’s health, so it is normal for people to flee Serbia in such a situation,” Aleksić added.

The President of the City Board of the People’s Party of Negotin, Krsta Stanković Njenjulović, said that the People’s Party is preparing for the upcoming local elections in that city, which should be held in the fall.

“The citizens of Jabukovac have shown great interest in the People’s Party and expressed their desire for the government to be changed as soon as possible. We expect that we will achieve a significant result in the upcoming local elections in Negotino,” said Stanković Njenjulović.

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