The war in Ukraine: The West is warning of a change in Russia’s fighting tactics

The war in Eastern Europe: The British Ministry of Defense this morning (Saturday) released an intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine, warning that a change in Russian tactics could result in the deaths of more civilians.

“The Kremlin has so far failed to achieve its original goals,” the ministry said on Twitter, adding that Russia was “surprised by the scale and brutality of the Ukrainian resistance.”

The war in Ukraine: heavy damage to the besieged Mariupol following the shelling by the Russians (Photo: Reuters)

“Russia has been forced to change its operational approach and is now pursuing a strategy of erosion. This is likely to involve indiscriminate use of force and consequent increase in civilian casualties, destruction of Ukrainian infrastructure and intensification of the humanitarian crisis.”

Meanwhile, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zlansky Said this morning that it is time for meaningful peace and security talks with Moscow. “This is Russia’s only opportunity to limit the damage from its mistakes following its invasion,” he declared.

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