Scotland Police have been forced to change the code name to the security plan for the next visit of the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, due to the resemblance to the figure of a fat boy who appeared in a popular book series at the turn of the last century, the Scottish Sun reported.

According to the report, the code name “Operation Bunter” was taken from a list of approved names, according to the police procedure. But police in Scotland drew the commanders’ attention because the name is reminiscent of the fictional character of Billy Bunter.

Bunter was an oil school student who appeared in stories published by Charles Hamilton in the boys’ weekly “The Magnet” from 1908 to 1940 and later also in books and even won versions in television, comics and theater.

The fear was that Johnson, who had previously admitted that he was overweight, would be offended by the code name, and as a result it was decided to call the security operation “Operation Ventilation”.

“There were people who foolishly warned to call the operation after a fat English public school student, certainly when the prime minister is known for being a little chubby,” a detail-conscious source told the tabloid. “But I’m not sure that going beyond Billy Hunter to a name that implies the prime minister is full of air is an improvement.”

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