Russia.Ukraine War, Day 24: Regular Updates

Russian Invasion of Ukraine – Day 24: Fighting across Ukraine continues today (Saturday), with heavy fighting taking place in the streets of besieged Mariupol city center, making it difficult for efforts to rescue people trapped under the ruins of a theater shelled earlier this week.

At the same time, an extended curfew has been declared in the city of Zaporizhia in southeastern Ukraine, amid fears that the city may be on the path of possible Russian progress up from Mariupol. At the diplomatic level, Poland has suggested to the European Union that the bloc impose a total ban on trade with Russia.

The war in Ukraine: heavy damage to the besieged Mariupol following the shelling by the Russians (Photo: Reuters)

ongoing updates:

22:00: About 50 bodies were found under the rubble of a military base in Mykolaiv, after he was hit by rocket fire on Friday. According to emergency services in Ukraine, at least 200 soldiers were present during the shelling.

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21:50: The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry claimed that some 14,400 staff members from Russia had been killed in Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion, about three weeks ago. According to a Foreign Ministry publication, it was alleged that 95 Russian aircraft, 115 helicopters, 1,470 armored vehicles and 213 artillery vehicles were also damaged.

21:40: A nine-year-old man and child were killed in the Russian offensive against the city of Kharkiv.

21:00: 6,623 Ukrainian Azeris have been evacuated from their homes in the humanitarian corridors over the past day, according to a senior official. In addition, 4,128 citizens left the city of Mariupol during this time period.

Ruins in the city of Mariupol, Ukraine (Photo: REUTERS / Alexander Ermochenko)

20:50: Former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has called on the President of the United States Joe Biden“Why visit Ukraine’s good friend Joe Biden, the world leader whose leadership is currently being tested – will not come to visit here next week as a sign of solidarity?”

20:30: Authorities in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, have reported that since the beginning of the Russian invasion, 228 people have been killed in the capital, including four children. In addition, 912 people were injured.

18:50: Ukraine’s finance minister has made it clear that the Russian invasion has damaged about 30 percent of the country’s economy. “Our tax revenues do not allow us to cover our expenses, so we will be based on loans,” said Serhi Marchenko.

Ruins in the city of Mariupol, Ukraine (Photo: REUTERS / Alexander Ermochenko)Ruins in the city of Mariupol, Ukraine (Photo: REUTERS / Alexander Ermochenko)

18:02: President of Ukraine, Vladimir ZlanskyUrged Switzerland to take action against Russian oligarchs, who he says are helping to wage war in his country, from within Switzerland.

18:00: FIFA has announced the allocation of about $ 1 million for humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

17:50: Ukraine has become the first country in the world to file an indictment in court, under the offense – terrorist financing, Amin Dzhaparova, Ukraine’s deputy foreign minister, announced.

17:10: Mikhail Podolyak, a member of Ukraine’s negotiating team, said that “China must make the right decision and join in condemning Russia.”

16:15: President of Russia Vladimir Putin Talked to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan On Thursday and set a number of conditions for a ceasefire with Ukraine. Among the conditions set by Putin: Ukraine must remain neutral and give up the request to join the NATO alliance, disarmament and provide security guarantees, end the “de-Nazification of Ukraine” process, remove barriers from the use of the Russian language in Ukraine. Ukraine will also be asked to recognize The island of Crimea and the two independent republics of Donbas.

Vladimir Putin (Photo: Reuters)Vladimir Putin (Photo: Reuters)

In addition, Erdogan suggested that Putin hold peace talks with Ukraine in Turkey. According to the report, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zalansky agreed to the proposal, but Putin demanded that all the conditions he set be met before he reached talks.

15:30: Oleksandr Staroch, head of the Zaporizhia council, announced that the curfew in the area under his responsibility will begin at 16:00 and end on Monday at 06:00. “For your safety, please do not take to the streets or other public places during this time (except with specially issued tickets and IDs),” Staroch said on social media.

14:48: Seven people were killed and five others injured in a Russian mortar attack on the Ukrainian town of Karib on Friday, local police said.

13:35: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said cooperation between Moscow and China would only be strengthened in the current circumstances. “This cooperation will be strengthened, because at a time when the West is blatantly undermining all the foundations on which the international system is based, of course we – as two great powers – need to think about how to proceed in this world,” Lavrov said.

13:00: Poland has suggested to the European Union that the bloc impose a total ban on trade with Russia, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said. “Poland proposes to add a trade ban to the sanctions package as soon as possible,” Morawiecki said.

Damage from Russian shelling in Kharkov, Ukraine (Photo: Reuters)Damage from Russian shelling in Kharkov, Ukraine (Photo: Reuters)

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