The president of the Novi Sad board of the Democratic Party (DS), Veljko Krstonosic, said today that Milos Vucevic has both a political and moral obligation to sign his resignation as mayor of Novi Sad after signing a “commissioned criminal complaint” against his party boss and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

Krstonosic reminded that this was the second time that Vucevic provided such a “service” to Vucic, and assessed that the mayor of Novi Sad was not only embarrassing himself and his family, but also the whole of Novi Sad, with his “incomprehensible half.heartedness”.

“At the same time, Vučević is committing a crime because he is filing a report against a man when he claims that he did not break the law,” Krstonošić stated in a statement.

He added that it is clear to everyone that Vučević’s report against Vučić is not aimed at establishing the truth about his involvement in organized crime and connections with the arrested Veljko Belivuk, but at hiding that truth.

“The report is submitted for the purpose of the most mundane political propaganda, but it undoubtedly represents an act of destroying the constitutional order of the country and the judicial branch of government.

He also assessed that in the history of Novi Sad, there was no man in the position of mayor “with less personal dignity and integrity” than Miloš Vučević.

“That is why it would be best for both him and Novi Sad if, instead of ordering criminal charges against Vučić, he signed his resignation as mayor of Novi Sad. He would lose power and all the privileges he has undeservedly enjoyed for nine years, but he would save himself and the city “, said Krstonosic.

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