The British Ministry of Defense announced today (Tuesday) an unusual security incident in the Alfajira port area, off the coast of the United Arab Emirates. The source of the incident and its circumstances are still under investigation, but a channel affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards estimates that it may have been a Singaporean tanker called the “Golden Brilliant”, which encountered a naval mine.

The Emirates further updates that this is probably not a pirate attack but a military incident. For the time being, the possibility of attempting a takeover or attack as UAVs (remotely manned aircraft) is also being examined.

At the same time, the AP reports three more ships that have lost control in unclear circumstances in the same area. The “Queen Emeta”, “Jag Puja” and “Abyss” ships that have lost control now have no ability to start their engines or control the steering system.

The Israeli ship that was attacked near Amman | Photo: Johan Victor,

This unusual event comes against the background of the attack on the Israeli ship operated by businessman Eyal Ofer. In the incident, which took place last Friday, two staff members were killed as a result of the injury – one a Romanian citizen and the other a British citizen. This attack was apparently carried out by a suicide bomber who hit the ship’s bridge. This is the first time such an incident has ended with casualties.

The shipping company owned by Israeli businessman Eyal Ofer confirmed that it was a Japanese ship run by it: “We can confirm that there was a suspicion of a pirate incident aboard the tanker ‘Mercer Street’ — We are in contact with the maritime authorities in the UK – and we will provide information later.“

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