Russian – Ukrainian online negotiations continue

After a short break yesterday, the Russian-Ukrainian online negotiations continue today. The spokesman for the Russian president did not provide details, but said that the progress was not yet in line with the wishes of the parties, hinting that the talks could be more effective, especially for the Ukrainian side.

“The Russian side is much more willing to work quickly and meaningfully than the Ukrainian side,” said Dmitry Peskov.

According to him, the progress registered in the talks is not enough to organize a Putin-Zelensky meeting.

Over the weekend, meanwhile, some optimistic statements were made from Ki և Moscow. The head of the Russian delegation Vladimir Medinsky said that the parties had brought their positions as close as possible to the issues of Ukraine’s neutral status and non-joining NATO. And the member of the Ukrainian delegation Mikhail Podolyak said that “Moscow’s position has become more adequate.” At the same time, he stated that the negotiations will not end soon, they can continue for at least a few weeks.

Zelensky once again called on Putin to meet face to face

Before that, yesterday, the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, again called on Vladimir Putin to hold a face-to-face meeting. In an interview with CNN, Zelensky, in particular, said that he was ready for talks with Putin, because without it it would not be possible to end the war.

“If we have at least a 1% chance to stop the war, I think we should use the opportunity to talk to Putin. “If these attempts fail, it will mean that this is World War III,” he said.

Israel, Switzerland and Turkey have offered to hold a Putin-Zelensky meeting. Turkish Foreign Minister Mülut Çavuşo :lu, who was in active talks with President Erdo :an and the leaders of Ukraine and Russia, said yesterday that the parties’ positions on a number of important issues were close, but that there were issues that needed to be resolved at the presidential level.

“The negotiation process between the Russian Federation and Ukraine at the level of expert groups continues uninterrupted. It is possible that the positions of the two sides on these critical issues are closer. “We see that they almost coincide in the first four points,” he said.

Çavuşoլlu did not specify which points they are. However, from the official announcements, the publications of the Western press, the leak, one can get a certain idea of ​​what Moscow’s Ki is negotiating.

Starting the war against Ukraine on February 24, Putin stated that Moscow’s goal is the de-Naziization and demilitarization of Ukraine. Later, Moscow published more understandable terms, demanding, in particular, that Ki abandon its plans to join NATO and adopt neutrality, recognize the self-proclaimed republics of Donbas, and Crimea as a major part of Russia.

The Ukrainian side is ready to agree with the first demand, as it is ready to discuss with Moscow the conditions under which it can refuse to deploy strategic armaments belonging to the Western alliances on its own territory, as evidenced by numerous statements by Ki-Moscow. And here are the self-proclaimed republics ելը Recognition of Crimea in the territory of Russia is not acceptable for the Ukrainian side.

Moscow, in turn, shows no sign of compromising. The Russian Foreign Minister announced two days ago that Moscow’s demands are minimal. “There is a dialogue that there is a constant feeling that the Ukrainian delegation seems to be holding the Americans in all probability, not allowing them to agree to those demands, which, I think, are absolutely minimal.”

According to Western analysts, the current Russian-Ukrainian talks are of a technical nature

The Washington Post, meanwhile, quoted unnamed US-European officials as saying that Western leaders had no idea what was being discussed at the Kiev-Moscow talks.

“Western leaders do not know what specific means of a peace agreement Ukrainian leaders can discuss with Moscow. “Ki has probably not yet decided what kind of agreement the Ukrainians will consider reasonable,” the Washington Post reported.

In addition, Western analysts write that the current Russian-Ukrainian talks are of a technical nature, noting how long the war lasts, how fiercely the Ukrainian army resists the Russian attack, how much Putin’s close oligarchs and the Russian economy in general suffer from Western sanctions. The more, if not the Russian, then the rhetoric softens.

In any case, at least at the official level, Moscow no longer speaks about the fact that the Ukrainian side should give up its own army, military potential, instead, Russia is actively talking about the status of the Russian language in Ukraine.

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