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Leipzig – It was a duel between pub owner and street dealer that ended almost fatally.

After a fight the Iranian Kour R. (37) fired a pistol at the Libyan Bilal M. (27) on August 20, 2021 in front of the “Sachsen-Bar” on Torgauer Platz. A shot grazed the back of his head, ripping out an ear.

The innkeeper has been in court since Monday, and the public prosecutor’s office accuses him of attempted murder: “It was pure coincidence that there was no fatal headshot.” K. also practiced vigilantism.

R. admitted the act through his defense attorney and referred to his alleged right of self-defense. “We were constantly attacked by the other side with various weapons during the night. How else are residents and businessmen supposed to protect themselves from Arab and North African gangs on the railway road?” the statement said.

The judge, however, indicated that he did not accept the argument: “According to the file, you do not live on Eisenbahnstrasse nor are you officially a businessman.”

The forensic team searched for the murder weapon for hours…

Foto: Silvio Buerger

...and finally found the pistol under a parked car

…and finally found the pistol under a parked car

Foto: Silvio Buerger

Leipzig railway line

Eisenbahnstraße is considered a crime hotspot in Leipzig. In November 2018, a no-gun zone was set up along the road. It is intended to increase security in the area. Weapons that fall under the weapons law may not be carried in the area and the police may carry out checks regardless of suspicion. In 2016, deadly shots were fired on the street during a dispute in the rocker milieu.

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