Fires at Chernobyl nuclear power plant, evacuation corridors planned for Mariupol

Zelensky: “Fight and help”

In a video message distributed on Monday evening, Zelensky appealed to his compatriots to do everything they could to protect the state. “To save our people. Fight. Fight and help!” The head of state, who was staying in Kyiv, called for the “invaders” to be expelled. “So that Ukraine lives, and all of us together with her, free and in peace.”

In his address to the “great people of great Ukraine,” Zelensky described the Russian military as “tourists with tanks” and “slaves to their propaganda that changed their consciousness.” These “slaves” sent by Russia had never seen such crowds of free people in the streets and squares. “You’ve never seen thousands of people who aren’t afraid of you,” he said, referring to a protest rally by civilians in occupied Cherson, which Russian troops had broken up by force of arms on Monday, according to unconfirmed reports.

Zelensky threatened any Russian military who attacked defenseless Ukrainian civilians. The mourning ribbon awaits her. Ukraine is not Russia. “Resistance does not have to be organized here – resistance is a quality of the soul for Ukrainians.”

Russian units have three days’ supplies

According to the Ukrainian General Staff, the Russian troops continue to have problems securing their supplies: Ammunition and food supplies are apparently only enough for three days. The situation with the supply of fuel is similar. In return, the attackers managed to mine large parts of the country. Kyiv Independent writes that, according to preliminary estimates, 82,525 square kilometers are mined, an area larger than Scotland.

The Ukrainian Interior Minister Denys Monastyrskyj stated a few days ago that the country will have to struggle with mine clearance for years. However, the capacities of the Ukrainian specialists were hardly sufficient for this.

Pentagon Briefing

In a long briefing at the Pentagon, the Americans again pointed out that the Russians are currently making little military progress and many soldiers are frustrated as a result. Their modern communication system doesn’t work, so they talk on insecure channels that are jammed, the supply problems are unexpectedly large. The Ukrainians still have working anti-aircraft defenses and have resorted to some sort of guerrilla tactics against the outnumbered attackers.

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