Firefighters who continued to fight a large forest fire at the foot of Parnassus, near Athens, said today that they hoped the fire would be brought under control in the coming hours.

“The situation is better and we hope that the fire will be brought under control in the coming hours,” the fire service said.

This morning, the Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotaxi, visited the village of Varibobi, 30 kilometers northwest of Athens, where the greatest damage is from forest fires.

A dozen houses burned down, and numerous buildings suffered great damage. More than 300 people were evacuated from Varibobi and two other surrounding villages.

More than 500 firefighters, with the support of helicopters and planes, are working to put out the fire this morning, and thick smoke has reached the central parts of Athens.

Temperatures in Athens and other parts of Greece have reached 42 degrees Celsius in recent days.

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