The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, stated today that Priština asked Serbia to recognize the independence of Kosovo when Belgrade demanded that the elections announced in central Serbia for April 3 be held in Kosovo as well.

At a press conference at the Palace of Serbia, Vučić said that the elections were not only a matter of voting and democracy, but also security, the political survival of Serbs and their very existence.

He said Belgrade had offered concessions in Kosovo-sponsored Kosovo election talks and agreed to insert the phrase “governing authorities” in the document, as well as asking Pristina to co-operate with the OSCE. questions and put the liaison officer of the Serbian government.

Vučić pointed out that Belgrade agreed to compromises so that the elections could be held, so that citizens could vote, but that the Pristina side demanded exclusively that Serbia recognize independence.

“Serbia could not accept that. No votes and power are important for such a thing, and that is why we did not agree,” he emphasized.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo in charge of dialogue, Besnik Bisljimi, stated that the Kosovo Government has not yet made a decision on holding elections in Kosovo, and added that the request of the Serbian Government is still pending.

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