Azerbaijani side violates line of contact in Askeran region, talks are underway, Stepanakert reports

The Azerbaijani Armed Forces violated the line of contact in the direction of Parukh village of Askeran region today at around 16:00, the Artsakh Information Headquarters reported.

The representatives of the Defense Army, the Russian peacekeeping troops, are trying to stop the further advance of the Azerbaijani side through negotiations, to return them to their starting positions, the report says.

The information headquarters also informs that due to security reasons, the women and children of Khramort community of Askeran region have been evacuated at the moment. “We urge the population to remain calm. The situation on all other parts of the line of contact is stable at the moment.”

The Azerbaijani side has not yet responded to the publication.

For about a month, the village of Khramort in Artsakh was targeted by Azeris, who fired from a grenade launcher. A civilian was injured in the explosion of an Azerbaijani mine in the yard of his house. The women and children had to leave the village. The people of Khramort were especially alarmed by the fact that the Azerbaijani side had brought military equipment to their positions. A few days ago, the Russian peacekeepers established a permanent base in the village, after that there were no serious incidents.

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