Lawyer Bozo Prelevic, a member of the Assembly of Free Serbia, said that Defense Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic knew who in Serbia was connected to the Sky application for encrypted communication when he spoke about it and that he was therefore “peaceful”, while President Aleksandar Vucic and his other associates “in chaos.“

Prelevic said for the new issue of NIN that the key thing was who from Serbia talked about the Sky application, which was used by members of criminal groups for secret communication, in the FBI, and that Stefanovic apparently did it.

“He knew very well who would be connected on that encryption. That’s why he seems calm, and Vucic and the others are in chaos. I think they are shaking with fear and the only question is to whom they sent the recordings and messages and when. That could to directly connect some of the state leaders with criminal activities, “Prelevic said.

Prelevic asked if among the victims of Veljko Belivuk’s group, which is accused of a number of serious crimes, there are those who shouted in the stands of football stadiums against the government.

“If they sent photos of the massacred to Filip Korac, it says in their language the same thing that the president said personally, when he accused Korac. If I noticed correctly, state analysts and Vucic talked about the pictures, and only then did the Americans open the program. Skye. If so, how did they know about the pictures before the program opened, “he added.

He said that the only possibility remains that they saw those pictures and that the question is whether some of those killed shouted against Vučić and whether those pictures were sent to him to see that there were no more problems.

“Do the Americans who opened everything know about it and is it a problem for the government? The attack of the tabloids and (Serbian Progressive Party official) Vladimir Djukanovic on Stefanovic, who refers to the FBI director, is striking. They would not react if they there is nothing “, stated Prelević.

He said that we should pay attention to the testimony of Belivuk’s close associate Marko Miljković, regarding the leaving of weapons in October 2016 in Jajinci near the family house of Aleksandar Vučić.

“It was used for propaganda about the alleged endangerment of Vučić, and it has not been clarified until today. Then it passed quietly that the campaign was used and that the BIA was attacked through the tabloids for not being able to save the president. “After that, BIA chief Aleksandar Djordjevic was fired. They could not have fired him without the affair,” he added.

He said that he was followed by the “team” of Andrej Vučić, brother of Aleksandar Vučić, the current head of the BIA, Bratislav Gašić, the Minister of the Interior, Aleksandar Vulin, and the “team” of arms dealers, including Slobodan Tešić.

“They offered Djordjevic to be the president of the court, so they played him, when he resigned as the head of the BIA, but he became an ambassador. All those games are not played because of ideology, but because of money,” Prelevic pointed out.

The President of the Legal Council of the People’s Party, lawyer Vladimir Gajić, assessed that Stefanović is better informed than Vučić when it comes to cooperation with foreign services in the fight against organized crime.

“It seems that not only the French police operatively assisted in the expertise of the encrypted phones of Belivuk’s group. It is clear that the Minister of Defense is aware of that, he even referred to the FBI chief. All this opens possible questions to the president, but in criminal proceedings. “For example, would Belivuk’s group have ever been arrested if the Americans hadn’t forced him? Maybe the president was wiretapped on the orders of the FBI, but the BIA didn’t protect him,” he asked.

Gajic also asked why the government “let” Veljko Belivuk’s criminal group commit the most serious crimes for six months, even though it was obviously under surveillance, as well as why it allowed a close person to see and hang out with those people.

“One of them, who received the status of ‘liaison officer’ from the group, Aleksandar Vidojevic, Aca Roshavi, was once publicly defended by the president that he was not a criminal but had ‘some fights’,” he added.

Speaking about the statements of Belivuk and Miljković in court, Gajić assessed that the “close relationship” that some adult members of the Vučić family have with persons who are members of the accused criminal group remained unclear.

“Then we have Minister Vulin, for whom there is already evidence that he is part of the criminal environment. Let me remind you, at the time when he was the Minister of Labor, the police arrested his driver and found drugs in the official vehicle of the Serbian Government,” he said.

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