The United States has recently been working on a new tourist entry program, according to which only those who are vaccinated will be able to enter a country that to date has allowed entry to anyone coming from a green country. The average number of new patients in the U.S. last week was 96,000 a day. “It’s time to change things,” said a senior U.S. administration official


After a long period in which the United States allowed foreigners to enter from green countries under a number of restrictions, it now appears that everything is going to change in the world’s great power. Fight the further spread of the corona virus delta strain.The average number of new patients in the U.S. last week was 96,000 per day. A number that is only climbing.

Until now, passengers arriving from Israel (defined as a green country) and having a US residence visa (valid visa) could fly in and enter the country. Both vaccinated) and pre-fill out a health declaration form.In addition, there was none Obligation of isolation or restrictions on arrival at the destination, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has advised unvaccinated travelers to refrain from visiting the United States or to go into self-isolation for seven to ten days.

According to reports, the United States wants to continue a kind of routine and open the borders to tourists and people outside the country, among other things to allow airlines and the tourism industry to continue working. At the same time, the country is still fighting the corona virus, so they decided that the obvious solution would be to make up entry only for the vaccinated.

A senior U.S. administration official says they are currently working on a new action plan. “In order for us to open travel in the country, all foreigners who come to the country must be vaccinated,” says the senior official. “It’s time to get ready to change things in the work plan we’ve been working on so far,” he adds.

Meanwhile, yesterday it was reported that New York will allow entry to various attractions in the city, such as restaurants, shows, and gyms for the vaccinated only. New York is the first city to demand it and it seems that more countries will join it later.

Corona in New York (Photo: Shay Franco, Reuters)
Corona in New York | Photo: Shay Franco, Reuters

Currently, in the US there is a restriction on the entry of tourists from a limited number of countries such as China, India, South Africa and Brazil, but as mentioned, residents of green countries in the world are allowed to enter most of the country relatively easily.

In order to begin this program, it seems that the greatest difficulty facing the U.S. administration is how to monitor and enforce this form of entry. The administration recently met with senior airline officials to formulate a plan on how to enforce the requirement to introduce vaccines to foreign visitors. In addition, the administration needs to make a decision on whether all corona vaccines are approved for them, or whether certain types of vaccines will be approved.

As you may recall, this week the Ministry of Health announced that due to the increase in morbidity in the US, starting next Wednesday it will enter the list of orange countries, which means that anyone who comes from it will be required to isolate for a week. Having banned the arrival of tourists from various countries with high morbidity, the US has always remained open. Now as stated, the situation is changing.

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