EU: The countries of the Western Balkans can join the common platform for energy procurement

The European Commission will develop a Solidarity and Compensation Mechanism to reduce the impact of the huge surge in energy and electricity on the economies and households of EU member states, and to provide for the Western Balkans to be included in a “common gas procurement platform”. oil.

Such an opportunity will be given to Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, the heads of state or government of the EU decided at today’s session in Brussels.

EU leaders stressed that this is an integral part of a key goal to significantly reduce dependence on Russian gas and oil supplies in the European Union, with urgent large investments in the development of other “green energy sources”, including hydrogen and wind.

The EU and the US also announced today that they will work together to improve energy supplies, including a significant increase in US supplies of liquefied natural gas to the Union.

The European Commission has been instructed to propose other measures to save energy and electricity, and the member states of the Union will be able to influence the reduction of the prices of consumed gas, oil and electricity through tax and other measures, such as vouchers for households and industry.

Measures will also be taken to significantly improve the interconnection of energy and electricity supply networks among the members of the Union, and it was emphasized that by mid-summer all gas and oil storages in the Union must be fully replenished with stocks of these energy sources.

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