Dispute over the obligation to wear a mask: the accused in the gas station murder trial admits to the fatal shot – Panorama – Society

In the trial of the fatal shot at a gas station employee in the dispute over the corona mask requirement, the accused confessed to the crime. “I regret my actions and am ashamed”Said Mario N. on Friday before the district court in Bad Kreuznach in a written statement that was read out by his lawyer.

He was shocked by the act himself and felt guilty. “It should never have gotten that far,” the 50-year-old said in a statement read by his defender. The indictment accuses N. of maliciously murdering the 20-year-old gas station employee and base motives, illegally carrying the murder weapon and illegally possessing another firearm.

According to his defense attorney, N. argued with the 20-year-old cashier Alex W. about the obligation to wear a mask when paying at a gas station in Idar-Oberstein on September 18. He left the gas station without the goods. At home he got more and more annoyed about the situation at the gas station and decided not to let the matter rest.

According to the indictment, N. returned with a mask around an hour and a half after his first visit to the shop. N. therefore pulled her down at the checkout to provoke a reaction from Ws. There was a brief exchange of words in which he was asked to put the mask back on. The 50-year-old then shot the 20-year-old in the face from a short distance.

To this day, N. has not been able to explain his actions. He is aware of the seriousness of the crime and apologizes to the relatives of the 20-year-old victim. (dpa, AFP)

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