Omicron variant causes many new infections: one in 16 English people has Corona knowledge

The German retailers do not want to enforce the mask requirement in shops and supermarkets nationwide by domiciliary rights when the nationwide Corona requirements expire in April. This was the result of a survey by the newspapers of the editorial network Germany among the large supermarket chains and associations.

“The mask is now part of everyday life for many customers, but it is not a permanent solution”, said the chief executive of the German trade association (HDE), Stefan Genth, the RND. “The medical experts have to assess when the time has come for the mask requirement to be lifted.” The association does not give its members any recommendations for the period after April 2, when the transitional period for the previous corona measures expires.

The Schwarz Group, to which Lidl and Kaufland belong, told the RND that they basically based on the respective corona rules of the federal states and the current occupational health and safety ordinance and implements them. A mask requirement specified solely by the companies is therefore no longer applicable.

Rewe also rejected a mask requirement on its own initiative: “We are conscientiously implementing the orders given by the authorities”, a company spokesman told the RND. Aldi-Nord would like to “first wait for the political discussion and the specific design of the state regulations,” said a spokesman.

The Edeka Group pointed out that many branches are owner-managed and can “decide independently on all measures in their markets”, as a company spokeswoman told RND. A central specification is therefore not planned. (AFP)

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