government Joe Biden Formulates plans that will allow only vaccinated visitors from abroad to enter the U.S., except in exceptional cases, Reuters reported. Objective: To remove the restrictions on the entry of foreigners from most countries of the world, including the United Kingdom, China, India and the European Union.

Corona in the United States

White House officials have confirmed that discussions are underway, but the removal of the restrictions is not expected any time soon in light of the increase in morbidity due to the Delta strain. Australia has the worst day in Sydney since the outbreak: 262 cases and five new deaths in 24 hours. Due to the rising morbidity, the duration of the closure in the city was extended at least until August 28. The New South Wales government has decided to impose a tight closure on additional areas, including a mandatory wearing of outdoor masks and a five-mile traffic limit.

The state of Victoria has also been shut down for seven days, the sixth since the outbreak. This is after two cases were discovered whose origin is unclear. “We want to prevent what is happening in Sydney,” Victoria’s Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said.

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