Environmental Uprising wrote to the President of China: Companies from China are complicit in poisoning
The Environmental Uprising Movement stated today in an open letter to Chinese President Xi Jinping that companies from that country are “classmates in horrific poisoning” which leaves “incalculable and irreversible consequences” for the health of Serbian citizens, children’s health and nature.“We understand that your goal is to get rid of plants that pollute China’s environment, but left-wing comrades Xi, poisons do not know the state borders. Asthma, cancer and emphysema develop in the same way in both Chinese and Serbian lungs,” the Ecological Uprising said.

The environmental uprising told the Chinese president that he had found the perfect partner in the power of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić because he, the “bankruptcy trustee” of the Serbian society, included the health of citizens and the future of children in the competitiveness and additional profits of many companies with dirty technology. other countries.

We almost visited a waste processing plant run by the Chinese company Feitiansuje. The workers we found work in inhumane conditions, inhale toxic fumes, without any protective equipment. Your investment will not revive Perlez, on the contrary. It can kill him. “3,000 inhabitants, your company burns poisonous plastic, and all the excess waste falls into the canal that was used to irrigate the fields and gardens,” the letter reads.

The organization also cited examples of the Zrenjanin factory Linglong pravi, Smederevo Ironworks and RTB Bora.

“Comrade Xi, this letter is not directed against our dear China or the Chinese people, because we do not make a difference in the defense of our people, country, water and freedom. Poisons are poisons, no matter whose chimney they come out of.”

“Chinese companies are welcome in Serbia, but under conditions that correspond to a civilized business and interstate partnership, which implies respect for the law, labor law and environmental protection standards,” it added.

The Environmental Uprising movement is part of the Moramo coalition.

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