Turku – based toothpaste mouthwash, designed to prevent Corona, received a patent in the United States

Therapeutica Borealis from Turku has received approval in the United States for a patent for the use of a toothpaste-mouthwash combination to prevent Covid-19 infection.

The patent is based on strengthening the body’s own chemical defense mechanism and does not contain any actual drug molecules.

In the patent, the body’s own defense agent, hypothiocyanite, and a weakly alkaline environment are created on the surface of the oral mucosa, which together create a rapid chemical defense against the virus.

The patent generally exploits the short-term interaction of substances used in the food industry. Hypothiocyanitis inhibits the ability of viral spike proteins to bind to receptors by altering their three-dimensional structure.

“If the receptor were thought to be a lock and a key for a spike protein, the structure of the key would be violated so that it would not fit the lock,” the company reports.

The product can be used like regular toothpaste and mouthwash. The developer anticipates it coming to market this year.

“A wide range of means are needed to combat the epidemic.”

“The epidemic is likely to threaten human health and the functioning of societies for a long time to come, and a wide range of measures are needed to combat it,” says Therapeutica Borealis Chairman, Professor Kalervo Väänänen says.

Therapeutica Borealis emphasizes that no medicinal or non-medicinal treatment is a substitute for vaccinations to combat corona.

Therapeutica Borealis is a pharmaceutical innovation company based in Turku, founded by Professor Kalervo Väänänen, Docent Lauri Kangas and Psychologist Matti Rihko. In the spring of 2021, the company received a patent in the United States for the nasal spray drug Covid-19 for prophylaxis and early treatment.

The company says that for the nasal spray drug, the process for worldwide patenting of the invention and pre-clinical trials continues.

Half of the Finnish pharmaceutical industry operates in the Turku region

The Turku region accounts for 75% of Finland’s pharmaceutical exports and half of Finland’s pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry operates in the region. Of the 22 medicines introduced to the Finnish market, 21 have been developed in Turku.

“Functional toothpaste mouthwash can be considered the latest addition to Turku’s long line of functional products as a successor to birch sugar and plant stanol ester,” says Niko Kyynäräinen, Chairman of the Board of Turku Science Park, a development company in the Turku region.

He praises the ecosystem built in the Turku region, where the active interaction of universities, companies and the city produces new innovations to solve global problems.

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