Unlike NATO: This is the country that welcomes Russian oligarchs

While the whole world narrowed the steps of the Russian oligarchs, the Turkish Foreign Minister, From the Kawazoglu acorn, Said today (Saturday) that they are invited to his country, but they must comply with international law to do business. “If Russian oligarchs or any Russian citizen wants to visit Turkey of course they can, if it is against international law then it is already a different story,” Kawasoglu said during the International Conference of Doha Forum.

Although Ankara has condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it has voiced opposition in principle to sanctions imposed by its NATO allies. .

Earlier this week, a yacht belonging to Russian-Israeli businessman Roman Abramovich docked at a Turkish resort. Sources familiar with the details told Reuters that Abramovich and other Russian oligarchs are interested in investing in Turkey as long as there are sanctions on them.

Eclipse, one of the largest yachts in the world, docked at the Marmaris resort in southwestern Turkey under the Bermuda flag. The vessel reportedly has two helicopter platforms, nine decks, a swimming pool and a rocket defense system. Solaris, another yacht linked to Abramovich, had arrived the day before at the Bodrum resort, about 80 km away, after it too had refrained from entering EU waters.

Solaris Yacht (Photo: REUTERS / Yoruk Isik)

As you may recall, Abramovich was among the Russian billionaires added to the EU blacklist that already includes dozens of wealthy Russians. Authorities in Spain have announced that they have arrested the ‘Yacht Valerie’ in Barcelona. This yacht belongs to Sergei Chamzov, a former KGB officer who heads the Rostec government corporation. In Mallorca, the ship of the Russian oligarch, Alexander Mikhayev, who heads the state corporation for arms exports in Russia, was stopped.

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