Enrico Mora, the coordinator of the European Union in negotiations on the return of the US and Iran to the Vienna agreements, arrived in Iran for consultations on nuclear issues with the head of the Iranian delegation, Ali Bagheri-Kani. Mora is expected in Washington on March 23.

“We must bring the negotiations to an end. There is too much at stake,” he said on the social network Twitter on the eve of the departure. His boss, EU High Commissioner Josep Borrell said at the same time that the parties were very close to an agreement.

The seventh round of negotiations was interrupted after Russia demanded guarantees that the sanctions imposed on it by the West would not apply to relations with Iran. According to the Russian side, such guarantees have been received.

Iran is also demanding that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps be removed from the list of terrorist organizations. According to media reports, the United States is ready to accept this condition in order to conclude an agreement.

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