“Butcher”: outrage in Russia after Biden speech


The outrage in Russia over the statements made by the US President does not stop. Biden makes statements and mistakes with “terrifying regularity” that are worse than crimes, said the prominent Russian foreign politician Konstantin Kossatschow. He was responding to Biden’s words that Putin could not remain in office because of the war in Ukraine.

There were times when a US president’s word carried weight, but that’s over now, said the chairman of the foreign affairs committee in the Russian Federation Council.

“US citizens should be ashamed”

The head of the Russian parliament Vyacheslav Volodin accused the US President of “undiplomatic statements” and “hysteria”. “Biden is weak, sick and unhappy,” Volodin commented on Telegram. “US citizens should be ashamed of their President. Maybe he’s sick. It would be right if Biden were to be medically examined.” Putin, on the other hand, deserves respect for his “restraint”.

Russia had recently warned against breaking off diplomatic relations due to the massive tensions with the United States.

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