“Security and rehabilitation of Gaza”: the step Abu Mazen will take after the war
War of Iron Swords: According to Arab reports, the president of the Palestinian Authority Abu Mazen Preparations were made for the formation of a new government, for the day after the war, whose priority would be “the security and rehabilitation of Gaza”. The new government will be an “expert government”, not a political government, and that the head of the Palestinian Investment Fund, Dr Muhammad Mustafa will be the Palestinian president’s candidate to head it.In addition, the team of experts prepared a plan for the rehabilitation of the Gaza Strip, at the request of Abu Mazen, and that the salient features of this plan are the establishment of a rehabilitation authority, operating under the supervision of the United Nations.

The visit of President Abbas to the capital of Qatar, Doha, comes at the invitation of the prince in order to examine the expansion of the Palestinian Authority’s influence in the Gaza Strip after the war.

US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, suggested to Abu Mazen in one of his last visits, to prepare for the day after the war and not wait until its end. He proposed to establish a government that is more representative of the Palestinian people, and to develop a plan for reform and rehabilitation.

According to the reports, Abu Mazen briefed Blinken on his last visit about the ongoing preparations for the formation of the new government, the rehabilitation plan and another plan to reform the PA’s administrative, legal and economic systems.

Also, officials in the terrorist organization Hamas claimed that they welcome the cooperation with the Palestinian Authority in regards to the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, but it is necessary to understand at every step the nature of the body that will oversee the reconstruction and its work system.

Hamas demanded the establishment of a national reference for the government and the Reconstruction Authority, in which various Palestinian political forces and independent national figures participate. According to the reports, Hamas has pledged not to disrupt these efforts aimed at rebuilding the Strip and helping the residents of Gaza deal with the effects of the war.

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