Majority and opposition towards a new clash on foreign policy

The discussion on the motions on the conflict in the Middle East. The majority – the motion is signed by the representatives of the parties in the Foreign Affairs Commission – will ask that the government promote every diplomatic effort, which Hamas immediately release all hostages and that the Israeli government “in exercising its right to defend itself” adopts all necessary measures aimed at “minimizing the number of civilian victims due to the operations undertaken to defeat Hamas”. The solution remains that of two peoples and two states.

Also the Pd will ask the executive to take action for the political solution of the ‘two peoples, two states’ and at the same time to promote de-escalation initiatives of the tension in the Middle East, starting from an international peace conference, so that “the objective of the ceasefire is achieved” and the relaunch of diplomatic action. The request is also to arrive at “an international interposition mission in Gaza, under the aegis of the United Nations, which involves the Arab countries that can assume responsibility for the reconstruction of the Strip” and to “support, within a European framework, with a defined mandate to protect freedom of navigation and in dialogue with other regional actors, initiatives aimed at ensuring maritime safety in the Red Sea”.

It is also for an immediate stop to the war Avs. “The Italian government must work in every international forum” to urgently reach an unconditional ceasefire in Gaza “to put an end to the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe, to interrupt any further military escalation, for the release of prisoners and to the construction of the conditions to start a peace process in the Middle East”, the first commitment of the text announced by MP Fratoianni. On the same wavelength as will place the 5 Star Movement. “Netanyahu must be stopped immediately and his crazy intentions must be condemned with the utmost resoluteness. His words are appalling”, Conte’s thesis, “cease-fire immediately!”.

A new clash is expected in Montecitorio on foreign policy between the majority and the opposition. “The situation is more than dramatic: Netanyahu and the attack on Rafah must be stopped to avoid a further massacre in addition to the massacre of civilians that has already been underway for too many weeks in Gaza. We need an immediate ceasefire, we have been asking for it for months I will call Giorgia Meloni because it is necessary for the government to take action”, said the secretary of the Democratic Party, Elly Schlein to the Courier. “If the government launches an initiative for peace in the Middle East, we are there,” she announced. The Nazarene party relaunches: “If the government is for two peoples and two states, support our motion”, the appeal of the dems Braga and Scotto. “Welcome Schlein’s appeal”, states the group leader of the Democratic Party in the Senate Boccia, “we need diplomatic action from our country, perhaps together with the other European countries”.

“It’s a shame that Schlein didn’t say a word about the hostages still in the hands of Hamas and about the terrorism that has threatened its right to exist since the birth of the State of Israel,” he underlined Mara Carfagna, president of Action. Same thesis relaunched by Fratelli d’Italia. “This time too he chose silence, no mention and no reference to what happened on 7 October last, when Israel suffered the most ferocious and bloodthirsty terrorist attack since the Holocaust. He never talks about it, just as he doesn’t talk about the hostages”, the ‘refrain’.

Meanwhile, the ‘duel’ continues between the secretary of the Democratic Party and the prime minister, a starter for the televised face-to-face that will take place before the European elections. This morning, however, Meloni chose another terrain to ‘challenge’ the Nazarene’s number one. Involving her because she does not “distance herself” from the “intolerable verbal violence, authentic intimidation, expressed by a representative of her institutions and party”. The reference is to lunges from governor De Luca who for days has been attacking Minister Fitto for his policies on the South. The latter has adopted the line of not responding to the president of the Campania region and is working on the decree which will probably go to the table (work is being done on the coverage) of the Council of Ministers next week. “As usual Meloni shifts attention from the real issues”, Schlein’s comment, “if I were her – she added – I would be more worried about the Italians’ judgment on the wicked policies of her executive, who wants to split Italy with ‘differentiated autonomy’.

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