Fun at the Super Bowl: Advertising before the sport

Do you also start the week without rest because the Super Bowl is still coursing through your veins? Watching the biggest show in half the world is now a must, with some American football played between the commercial breaks.

The brilliant thing about the Super Bowl is that you don’t have to have any interest in sports to get excited. A marketing asset that could perhaps also serve as a rough model for other popular sports in other countries. In Germany, of course, only football would be an option. The Bundesliga is still quite staid in terms of glamor compared to the NFL, but what would happen if the championship was decided in one game, and the Hoffenheim-Heidenheim banter before it was a tighter one game plan would fall victim?

Bundesliga Bowl 1 could take place in Wolfsburg, for example, fresh from the desert of Lower Saxony, the German answer to Las Vegas. Taylor Swift is something like the US answer to Helene Fischer, who could land in Hanover from her concert in Munich on the day of the match (all the private jets would have parked the runway in Wolfsburg), then take the ICE via Berlin to WOB. Herbert Grönemeyer could croak the anthem before the game, although he probably wouldn’t do something like that. So more like Howard Carpendale.

During the commercial breaks, it would be even funnier in the stadium than in the USA, as the spectators could throw yellow tennis balls onto the grass to bridge the gap.

And first of all, from a sporting point of view: Funny divisional divisions and game plans for a regular season main round that you don’t have to understand would make it possible for Bayer and Bayern to see each other in the final for the first time this season and for Tuchel’s tactics to fail just this once, but something like that could. Or….

… let’s leave the Superbowl where it belongs, namely between the commercial breaks in the land of unlimited possibilities. If you want to be well rested, you don’t have to switch on. It was still funny, even at Super Bowl 58.

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