Shock on vacation: Tourists find body in their Airbnb apartment |  News

Strasbourg (France) – What a cruel discovery!

As a vacationer one When we entered an “Airbnb” apartment in Hoenheim (France, 11,500 inhabitants), there was a body there. After the initial shock, they called the police.

The solution to the mystery: According to the French newspaper “ Les Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace”, only one person besides the tenants had a key to the apartment. This is said to be the apartment owner’s friend (48). He had taken care of renting and cleaning the apartment in the suburb of Strasbourg on behalf of the owner.

Apparently he collapsed and remained lying in the apartment without anyone noticing.

It is still unclear what caused his death. Although police say the death was probably a natural cause, the man will undergo an autopsy this week.

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