Woman opens fire in a church in Texas, killed by police officers

A woman opened fire with a long rifle at a mega evangelical church in Texas, and was killed by off-duty officers, who were attending the function. In the shooting The 5-year-old child who was with her and another woman were seriously injured which was located in Lakewood Church, a church near Houston that welcomes 45 thousand faithful every week, broadcasting in 100 countries around the world.

The shooting

The shooting occurred immediately after the service in English had ended and the one in Spanish was about to begin. The woman fired several magazines and said she had a bomb, while the faithful sought shelter from the bullets. The police then evacuated the entire shopping center where the church is located after rumors spread, which turned out to be unfounded, of the presence of a second attacker. Church televangelist Joel Osteen said he didn’t know why such a thing happened but he assured that “God is in control.”

The police have not yet provided the identity, the possible motivation of the woman – who was wearing a trench coat and a backpack – or even specified the relationship with the child who was injured. Her car was also inspected for the presence of any explosives. According to research carried out by Lifeway Research, an association headed by the Southern Baptist Convention, 55% of pastors have created response plans for possible armed attacks during religious services.

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