Bennett halted Ganz’s summit initiative with Abu Mazen and King of Jordan
The clash between Defense Minister Bnei Gantz and Prime Minister Naftali Bennett over the summit that Gantz seeks to hold in Amman with Abu Mazen and Abdullah went through another branch – this is what we published tonight (Sunday) for the first time in the “main edition”. The Prime Minister’s Office has asked the King’s Palace to halt preparations for the summit in Amman.And so the confrontation began: in the middle of the week, the Prime Minister’s Office receives a phone call from Jordanian officials closest to the king, so they learn about this summit. The response of the source in the Prime Minister’s Office who answered this call was: “Please stop.” This was when Bennett was in Egypt at the summit and the bureau decided to ask the Jordanians not to advance in organizing the summit until Bennett returned to Israel. The bureau denies that they initiated the conversation themselves.

In addition, News 12 learned that already on Monday they heard in the Prime Minister’s Office about the idea of ​​organizing the summit, on Tuesday morning the call came from the Defense Minister’s area – so Gantz did update but the Prime Minister’s Office knew beforehand.

Bennett and Gantz sat down today to discuss the solution, and now they are coming to an agreement that there may not be a tripartite summit as Gantz wanted – but there will be Defense Minister meetings with Abu Mazen and King Abdullah – separately. The new framework will give meetings less security than diplomatic and comes to the rescue, until the next crisis.

Exchange of charges

“The Prime Minister’s Office learned of the Defense Minister’s attempts to arrange a meeting with Abu Mazen and the King of Jordan a few days ago, from an Arab source,” a political source said last night – who said Gantz did not update Bennett on the move. The prime minister will make a decision. ”

Another political source claimed that the picture was completely different: “Without referring to the various publications, the defense minister will continue to act responsibly for Israel’s security interests and security stability. The prime minister is updated on any significant incident, and this is also true in this case.”

“This is a continuation of the latest tension between the defense minister’s offices and the prime minister, after Gantz announced on Thursday that he would take off for a visit to India – 4 days before Bennett’s visit to the country. The Peak of the Negev ”


Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Egyptian Foreign Minister S. (Adaptation: AP)
Lapid and the foreign ministers participating in the summit | Processing: ap

On Friday, Ganz praised the conference: “Congratulations to Foreign Minister Lapid on the convening of the important summit expected next week,” he wrote on his Twitter account. “Strengthening and deepening ties between the countries, together with our most important ally, the United States, is a strategic security and economic asset.”

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