The inclusive regatta “The river connects us in 2021”, organized by the Association of Paraplegics of Banat, was held today at Begej in Zrenjanin.

The president of the association, Nenad Krbavac, stated that the goal of the event is to point out the problems that people with disabilities face, not only in terms of accessibility to facilities in the city, but also rivers, lakes and fishponds.

“These are places where people with disabilities come and spend time, but unfortunately there were no attempts for them to adapt for us,” Krbavac told the Beta agency.

He also stated that with such manifestations and activities, they want to develop awareness among those who make decisions that the problem of accessibility is not only faced by people with disabilities.

“These are also mothers with children, people who are older, less mobile and they all have the same accessibility problems. The whole story aims to try to develop awareness in our society,” Krbavac said.

He added that the regatta and similar events are organized in order to take people with disabilities out of their houses and “some kind of isolation”.

“This kind of socializing can be a trigger for their further progress towards a better quality of life,” said the president of the Association of Paraplegics of Banat.

He added that associations of persons with disabilities from Zrenjanin, Belgrade and Opovo are participating in this year’s regatta, the fourth so far.

“The problem is that the Begej is not as attractive and big a river as the Tisza, so we cannot provide boats for all people with disabilities who were interested in coming, but we hope that the response of the boats will be higher in the coming years,” Krbavac said.

This year’s regatta is the fourth in a row, and the first two were held on the Tisza.

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