William and Kate want a break with the past after a turbulent journey through the Caribbean

British Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton are going to make some changes within the British royal family after the criticism of their trip through the Caribbean. That reports The sun† Kate and William want to become “modern royals”, it sounds.

What should have been a beautiful trip through the Caribbean, on which Kate and Prince William visited islands that are part of the Commonwealth, has turned into a PR nightmare. The British royals were criticized from start to finish, partly because they shook hands with children in Jamaica through a fence. The latter evoked colonial memories in critics. The fact that they were driven around in a Land Rover by a black driver was also a problem for many.

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In a series of posts on Twitter, William has already apologized for the facts made while traveling. “Travelling abroad is an opportunity to think,” he wrote. “You learn so much. And this journey has taught us a lot and made us look more closely at the past and the future.”

According to The sun it does not stop with those excuses and William and Kate have already made decisions about the British royal family in the future. They want to prove that they can be “modern royals”, sources tell the newspaper. For example, William will do with almost half as many staff members as his father when he becomes Prince of Wales after him. Charles has 137, with William it would be about 70 fewer. The goal is to save.

Kate and William also plan to hire some staff members who work for “pleasant and credible” charities. Travel will also be intervened: it will be shorter, such as Kate’s recent visit to Copenhagen.

“They want to modernize how they work. It’s a breath of fresh air that will blow,” a source said The sun† “The criticism of their trip through the Caribbean has touched them deeply. They are going to do everything their way in the future and not follow the book of rules. They are trying to shape their way now. That’s not a criticism of how everything was done in the past. But times do change.”

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