More than a hundred homes have been destroyed, and several people have been missing and injured in two fires that have broken out in Northern California in the past two days. The Dixie fire, currently the largest active fire in the state, is expected to cause even more damage, according to Plumas County Sheriff Todd Jones. He said authorities are looking for four people whose traces disappeared in the area yesterday.

Jones noted that “what I’m telling people at this point is that if a large smoke is near you and you are miles away, you should leave, even if you have not heard a warning about you.”

California Dixie Fire (Photo: Reuters)

The Dixie fire, driven by strong winds, destroyed most of downtown and dozens of homes in the town of Greenville, and has grown to become the third largest in California history. Following the fire, several buildings were demolished, including the museum and medical offices. Significant structures were also destroyed for a native tribe located in a town that has existed for about 1,000 years.

The fire has so far destroyed 432,813 dunams, making it the third largest fire in the country’s history. Plumas National Forest Inspector Chris Carlton said that “the fire behavior is really scary.” The increased activity of the fire forced the authorities to issue an eviction order for residents of Lassen County.

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