Hundreds of people, including most Belarusians in exile in Poland, marched in Warsaw today to protest political repression in Belarus, ahead of the anniversary of the presidential election they consider rigged.

Protesters carried the red and white flag of the Belarusian opposition and chanted “Long live Belarus”.

The reason for the protest is the anniversary of the presidential elections in Belarus, in which President Alexander Lukashenko won the sixth term, and whose results are considered rigged by the opposition and many Western countries.

Lukashenko’s government began a sharp showdown with opponents after the election, when mass anti.government protests erupted across the country.

More than 35,000 people have been arrested for participating in months of demonstrations, thousands of whom have been brutally beaten by police. Authorities also targeted journalists reporting on the protest.

The demonstrators marched from the center of Warsaw towards the embassy of Belarus, passing by the American and Russian embassies.

In front of the Russian embassy, ​​they accused President Vladimir Putin of being responsible for the repression in Belarus.

The organizers of the march in Warsaw said that they would not give up the fight for changes in Belarus. One of the demands they made from the protest is the release of political prisoners.

Poland, along with Lithuania and Ukraine, is the main destination for Belarusians who fled their homeland.

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