The United States and Britain have called on their citizens to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible.

In a statement issued yesterday by the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, it urged all U.S. citizens in Afghanistan to “leave immediately, using all available commercial flights.” Alerted the embassy.

The British embassy also issued a similar statement. “We are advising British citizens to leave Afghanistan now by commercial means,” it said. “If you are still in Afghanistan, you must leave immediately due to the deteriorating security situation.“

The pleas came amid progress by Taliban militants, who continue to seize strategic areas across the country as they take advantage of the U.S. withdrawal, which is expected to be complete by the end of the month.

On Tuesday, Taliban fighters recorded an important achievement when they captured the first provincial capital – the city of Zarang in Nimroz province, near the border with Iran. “Nowhere in Nimroz province is under government control, the Taliban have seized everything,” a local source admitted. “Security forces have fled to other provinces or surrendered to the Taliban.“

Yesterday the Taliban also took control of Shabran, the capital of the province of Jousan, near the border with Turkmenistan. Local lawmakers have accused the government in Kabul of not responding to their pleas to help against Taliban forces, while the Defense Ministry claimed that security forces were preparing to take action against the Taliban and that the situation in the provincial capitals would soon return to normal.

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