Russia – Ukraine war: optimism around the negotiating table

Russia-Ukraine War: While the Russian military continues to bomb many centers in the country, efforts to reach a ceasefire between the two countries are continuing in talks that began this week in Turkey. Meanwhile, there are early signs of significant progress in the talks. Ukrainian representatives for talks in Turkey today (Wednesday) expressed great optimism about progress and reaching a ceasefire agreement.

However, the delegates stated that Russia seems “determined to occupy more territory in eastern Ukraine” and that another week of negotiations is definitely needed. After three intense hours of talks, the Ukrainians announced that their country was doomed to abandon the idea of ​​joining NATO, a key Russian demand in the talks, and discuss territorial claims. This, in exchange for security guarantees from several countries, including Israel. The military activity around the capital Kyiv, thus increasing the “mutual trust” between the parties.

Adviser to the President of Ukraine, Mikhail Podolyak Stated that the Ukrainian demands for negotiations are the presentation of security guarantees from different countries, similar to Article 5 of the NATO Convention, which stipulates that the Allies will consider any attack on one of them an attack on the entire alliance. To the negotiating table.

Ukraine claims that the Russian statement that it will reduce the bombings in the country, is not visible on the ground, because they claim the army continues to strike hard in many parts of the country. In recent days there have been extremely difficult battles between the parties, though not in the vicinity of the capital Kyiv. Now, Russian officials say the goal is to occupy more territory in the Donbass region, where Russia is working to establish a state for the separatists, while the president, Vladimir Putin Already recognized her independence.

Destruction in Ukraine following Russian attack (Photo: Reuters)

Meanwhile, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, Said he would not draw conclusions about Russia’s intentions “until I see what its activities are,” he said after a White House meeting with the Singapore prime minister. Biden added that “it remains to be seen if they will act to achieve their goal. In addition, the Secretary of State of the United States, Anthony Blinken, Stated that “there is what Russia says and what Russia does.” “What Russia is doing is continuing to be cruel to Ukraine and its people,” he said.

In light of the advanced talks, President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky“Ukraine has worked hard to present Putin with a way to end the war, and it is accompanied by Ukrainian concessions that will not go far enough to turn his country into a satellite of Russia. , According to American sources.

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