Police are looking for a fugitive assailant: Two dead from shots in a fast food restaurant in the Netherlands

Two people were killed in a gun attack at a fast food restaurant in the Netherlands. “Two people were killed in a gun incident,” the Dutch police said on Twitter on Wednesday evening. According to radio station RTL Oost, the incident happened around 6 p.m. in a McDonald’s branch in the city of Zwolle. According to police, the attacker escaped.

RTL Oost reported, citing eyewitnesses, that the two fatalities were two men. They had just eaten when the shooter came into the branch. Apparently the attacker fired “aimed” at the men. A “massive panic” broke out among the customers of the restaurant, reported RTL Oost. “Everyone tried to flee outside.”

Video footage of the incident showed police officers sealing off the crime scene. A helicopter circled above the restaurant. Police said the search for the attacker was ongoing. In addition, they are looking for witnesses to the attack. (AFP)

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