Belgrade dailies write about sports, the crown, political topics and fires in Greece and at the landfill in Vinca on the front pages for August 10, 2021.

ALO “Serbian heroes save Greece” about Serbian Ministry of the Interior firefighters who put out fires in Greece. “They kept half a ton of cocaine” about the arrest of a criminal group from Serbia in Spain.

BLIC The central topic is still the Olympic Games in Tokyo, and the paper states with the photos of the athletes “Thank you, the champions of the Serbian jersey said goodbye to medals and tears”. About the spread of the corona virus “Big jump in the number of infected people in Serbia” and “Many doubts before the beginning of the new school year”.

VECERNJE NOVOSTI The paper writes about economic topics what can be expected if inflation remains at the current level “Pensions will grow by at least five percent”. Serbs are not leaving Evia yet “They are going to smoke so that their arrangements do not fail”.

TODAY, List writes that Mayor Zoran Radojicic and Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic must resign due to the fire in Vinca and air pollution, “Toxic smoke will suffocate the citizens of Belgrade for days.” Noting that drinking wine with the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, deepened the gap in the opposition, the paper writes: “The right has become undesirable again.“

INFORMER “In Guca only with vaccine or pcr test” about holding the Trumpeters’ Assembly. “The FSS is protecting Naser Orić,” the paper writes about the events at the match in Novi Pazar.

KURIR “Serbia welcomes its heroes” announces the paper Welcome of Olympians tonight in Belgrade. “Ten apartments in Belgrade and a house in Kotor are being taken away from Belivuk’s group” about Veljko Belivuk’s criminal group.

POLITICS On the consequences of overturning the agreement from the White House “Does Pristina expect a conflict with America”. The paper states that despite the large fires, there are no cancellations of departures for Greece “Tourists from Serbia defy fire and smoke”. About the fire at the landfill in Vinča “Firefighters fill the waste with water, communal workers cover it with sand”.

SERBIAN TELEGRAPH “The state arrests everyone who glorifies Orić and Srebrenica” about the events at the match in Novi Pazar.

NOVA “They are hiding the price of the renovation of the residence of Ana Brnabić” about the renovation of the residence of the Prime Minister. “They are telling us about the fires in Greece and they are silent about Vinci,” says Radomir Lazović from the “Let’s not drown Belgrade” initiative.

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