The assistance delegation of the firefighting squadron from the Israel Police Air Force took off yesterday (Tuesday) for Greece, in order to assist the security forces in the country in efforts to eradicate the recent wave of fires. The delegation is headed by Corporal Haim Bar-Gil, and 16 other participants flew alongside him.

The delegation took off from a Nabataean base, including two firefighting planes from the police air line, and another Air Force plane. The delegation includes members of the police firefighting squadron, police officers and members of the technical staff of the Elbit company.

Prior to boarding the plane, the commander of the police delegation, Corporal Haim Bar-Gil, from the Israel Police Air Unit, briefed the members of the delegation, surveyed the aid mission and said: Over the past few years we have improved our operational and technological capabilities and positioned ourselves as an advanced professional airborne firefighting force. It is a privilege to help and contribute from the knowledge and experience we have accumulated to a country that faces such a complex challenge. “

A huge fire that broke out on the island of Iowa in Greece (Photo: REUTERS / Nikolas Economou)

After landing in Greece, the crew members conducted preliminary professional operations and coordination with the Greek crews in preparation for the mission, which includes international collaborations between all the aid forces from different countries. Upon completion of the preliminary phase, the members of the delegation will be integrated into the relief mission.

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