Martin Stone, 62, from Be’er Sheva, was arrested this week in London after an undercover police officer saw him photographing a woman at a train station under her skirt. According to the British media, Stone admitted his actions, and even showed the local police how he covered the flash of the phone so as not to attract attention. Police found two more cell phones, a standard camera and a pen-like camera on it.

The Israeli admitted in court the acts attributed to him and was sentenced to ten days in prison. The judge ordered the confiscation of the equipment in his possession. An Israeli who knows Stone told Maariv: “I am shocked. I know Martin well. This is a religious guy, married, and it is hard for me to believe what level he has dropped to.”

Magen, an organization that assists victims of sexual offenses, said: “Our hearts go out to the victims of the Israeli’s actions. It is good that the man who harmed them went to trial and at the end of the day pays the price. “We find that there are also Israelis who do this. We congratulate the local police who worked quickly and efficiently and led to the arrest of the offender.”

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