Every second citizen of Serbia is satisfied with the provision of local government services, while only five percent of citizens believe that the employment of municipal or city officials is based solely on qualifications and abilities, according to a survey conducted by the Center for European Policies (CEP).

“In particular, the results show that half of the citizens are predominantly satisfied with the services provided by their municipal or city administration, such as birth or citizen’s birth certificates, social security rights, building permits, school enrollment certificates, and on the other hand, 40 percent of citizens express dissatisfaction with the provision of the same services, “the statement said.

As stated in that Center, citizens have the most problems with the transfer of competencies and responsibilities, giving various information and instructions, “walking” from office to office, requests for more paperwork and closed doors.

“As many as 80 percent of citizens, including those who are satisfied with the services of local government, believe that they do not have enough opportunities to express their opinion or experience regarding the services provided by local government,” the survey said.

Respondents often referred to communal problems, such as tree felling, water supply, lack of parking spaces, problems with electricity and transportation, but most of them never approached local institutions about these problems, believing that they are either not competent enough or feel that what whatever you do, there is no improvement.

“In addition, it is worrying that only 5 percent of citizens believe that the employment of employees in municipal or city administration is done entirely on the basis of qualifications and abilities, while as many as 82 percent of citizens believe that employees are employed fully (54 percent) or to some extent (28 percent). based on political and personal ties. Finally, it is important to mention that citizens are often reserved and afraid to share their experiences, “the statement said.

The survey was conducted within the initiative “I follow”, during June and July this year, and 25 public actions were realized and over 1,200 citizens across Serbia were surveyed, about their attitudes and experiences with local government.

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