A week to swear by “The Butcher from Tehran”: In the shadow of a shattered economy and quite a few crises – Ibrahim Raisi has begun his tenure as President of the Islamic Republic and is already leading an extremist line, which includes appointing Revolutionary Guards to key positions and adopting a tougher approach when it comes to nuclear talks. All of these herald the problematic policy thatIncreases the chance of a civil protest. What steps has Raisi already taken and what should worry Israel?

N12 coverage of the Iranian president:

Raisi presented his government for approval to parliament yesterday (Wednesday) and Israel is already dissatisfied with the appointments of the conservative man, who is responsible for the murder of thousands of Iranians and, as expected, does not include a single woman. Among other things, his hive includes several commanders from the Revolutionary Guards, including the appointment of former Iranian Defense Minister and Iranian Quds Force Commander Ahmad Wahidi as Interior Minister – an appointment that greatly annoyed the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem. At the same time, the powers of the president-elect in Iran are limited by the supreme leader, the commander of the armed forces, entrusted with the appointment of the head of the judiciary and the main policy of the Islamic Republic.

Raisi in his oath | Photo: reuters

“What Israelis thought most for us is foreign policy and the foreign minister. Iran’s foreign policy, which is divided into two areas – one vis-à-vis the West and one vis – à – vis the region, Israel is connected to both,” Dr. Tamar Eilam Gindin, an Iranian expert at the University of Haifa “The conduct is different on the issue of talks in Vienna and the whole issue of negotiations, boycotts and sanctions. On the other hand, there are the Houthis in Yemen, Iraq, Hezbollah, Hamas and more. The policy in the region will continue to be a policy of takeover – Quds Force Or what is perceived as an ‘outside line of defense’. “

According to her, Raisi’s tenure is expected to suit the top leadership in Iran, despite the extremism that raises concerns in Israel: “Former Foreign Minister Zarif was a first-rate diplomat who was suitable for the nuclear talks. The new Foreign Minister Hussein Amir-Abdullah Hayan “A conservative and anti-Western who is close to the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards,” she said. “This government will be more comfortable with the top leadership – there will be less friction at the top, from our side and from the West – we can only be pleasantly surprised, there are no expectations from the new minister.”

D"R. Tamar Eilam Gindin (Photo: Israel Hadari, News)
Dr. Tamar Eilam: “Less friction is expected at the top” | Photo: Israel Hadari, News

Meanwhile, an Iranian source involved in the nuclear negotiations told Reuters that “Abdullahayan is a tough diplomat. “If the Foreign Ministry remains in charge of Iran’s nuclear issue, Tehran will adopt a very difficult line in the talks.”

“Tireless obedience – does not end a normal or charismatic sentence”

“Iran’s new interior minister Wahidi is a criminal wanted by Interpol for the killings of 85 people in the shocking attack on the Amiya, the building of the Jewish community in Buenos Aires,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. “Of the new terrorist government in Iran: President Raisi, the ‘butcher from Tehran’, is responsible for the murder of thousands of Iranians and the ministers are responsible for the murder of people all over the world,” they added.

This is not the first time that Iran has had an extremist president, who is pursuing a rigid policy in the administration, since in the past President Ahmadinejad has been appointed to lead a hostile policy. “There are similarities and there are differences, Ahmadinejad was crazy with credentials. Raisi is a tireless obedient and a complete fool according to what is seen on the Iranian networks,” said Dr. Eilam Gindin. . During a speech in the mosque after his election he tried to say something about the corona, no one understood what exactly he meant. “He read his coronation speech from the paper and even then – he made some mistakes.”

“There are power figures in the Iranian leadership such as the Revolutionary Guards who dictate the conduct of the leadership – they are the ones who will set the tone. As they ran Raisi into power, the people around Khamenei realized he could be influenced. And not suitable for the job. “

Will Raisi continue his policy of concealment or openly declare?

Could Raisi soon openly say that Iran is looking for nuclear weapons and will not pursue a policy of concealment? Dr. Eilam believes that “some of the stupidity is expressed here – in his coronation speech Raisi said that the Islamic Republic said that nuclear weapons are‘ haram ’, strictly forbidden. We do not know about such a provision and it seems that he is a bit confused. ”

Dr. Gindin once again clarified the differences between the regime and the Iranian people and pointed to an interesting change in the region: “A Quds force is very much present in Iraq. To the Iranians, Iraq is the greatest hatred, but now the Iranian people and the Iraqi people see themselves as victims of the rule of the Islamic Republic. “Closer to terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah that the Iranian people do not understand or support – will actually go up with a Raisi government.”

Elected President of Iran (Photo: News 12)
Raisi supporters | Photo: News 12

At the same time, there is criticism in Iran, which is reminiscent of the situation in Lebanon: “Oppositionists claim ‘in Iran Shiite killers and help Sunnis like Hamas’, there is a similar criticism of what is happening in Lebanon. How the West should behave, Dr. Gindin noted that “we need a child psychologist to deal with the new leadership in Iran. We need to find a way to preserve Iran’s dignity, to take steps that will not be perceived as humiliation. Biden, if he wants to, should serve as a teacher His people. ”

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