G7 countries One billion vaccines against Corona are expected to be donated to poor countries during a summit that opens today (Friday) in the Gulf of England. The decision will be made as part of an initiative by the member states of the international economic organization to help spread the vaccines around the world, US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced.

As part of the initiative, the United States will donate about half a billion vaccines to be purchased from Pfizer, and the United Kingdom will also donate another 100 million vaccines, of which about 80 million will be donated to the global vaccine initiative “Covacs”, led by the World Health Organization. Global and will lead the fight in Corona.

Johnson and Biden in the G7 Knesset | Photo: Reuters

“At this moment our values ​​call on us to do everything in our power to vaccinate the world against Cubid.19,” Biden said. World War II“.

Meanwhile, the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica” reported that an 18.year.old girl named Camila Canfa from the Genoa area, who was vaccinated with the Astraznica vaccine, died of a blood clot. The young woman was vaccinated on May 25 and on June 5 she was taken to the hospital, where they tried to treat the blood clot and lower the blood pressure in her brain, but she did not survive. According to the report, if the previous surgeries had been performed earlier, she could have been saved.

In Italy, at least two other similar cases are reported and investigated. In one of them a 32.year.old teacher died in early April, and two more vaccinated developed the same symptoms but survived. Matteo Slavini, said in response that “children and young people should not be vaccinated and should not be played with.“

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