UAE 5% of senior citizens are over 60

The average life expectancy in the UAE has increased to 82 years for men and 78 years for women, compared to 50 and 48 years before the establishment of the Federation, to lead the region’s countries in promoting the health care sector for the elderly.

And according to what the Emirati newspaper “Al Bayan” published on its website, the UAE is a young country, and the percentage of senior citizens in it is not high, and official statistics show that the percentage of the age group for those over sixty does not exceed 5% of the total number of citizens, while the Ministry of Community Development expected a rise The proportion of senior citizens in the UAE to 11% by 2032, and to 29% in 2050 .

Dr. Salwa Al Suwaidi, a consultant geriatrician and director of the Senior Citizens Happiness Center at the Dubai Health Authority, revealed that the average age of Dubai residents rose to 82.1 years, compared to 79.9 years, in the past few years, stressing that geriatric medicine in the UAE believes in adding life to years, not years to life.

According to a recent report, the UAE topped the region in the emerging healthy aging sector by adopting data and in-depth analysis, raising awareness about the sector and starting to develop national healthy aging policies.

These efforts aim to develop more elderly care facilities and healthy geriatric clinics, as well as attract advanced technologies and investments into the sector.

Dr. Amin Al Amiri, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, Assistant Undersecretary for Health Regulation, stressed that the healthy aging sector includes technologies and programs aimed at improving health and prolonging life, expecting that this sector will become the largest and most developed ever, as it is located at the intersection of many sub-sectors such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and technology. Finance and insurance technology, among many other sectors.

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