Netanyahu admits that the seven workers of the Jos Andrs NGO died in an “unintentional” Israeli bombing

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, admitted this Tuesday that the Israeli Army “unintentionally” killed the seven humanitarian workers from the NGO World Central Kitchen (WCK) who died at dawn in the Gaza Strip.

“Unfortunately, in the last day there was a tragic case in which our forces unintentionally hit innocent people in the Gaza Strip,” Netanyahu said in a message of gratitude to the medical team that operated on his hernia on Monday. , after receiving discharge.

The prime minister reiterated that the event will be investigated exhaustively, and defended that these types of things “happen in war.” “We will do everything possible to ensure that it does not happen again”go.

Shortly before, the Israeli Army announced that an independent military entity, the Fact Investigation and Assessment Mechanism, will investigate the attack, which has led the NGO to suspend its operations in the region.

Israel kills seven aid workers from chef Jos Andrés’ NGO in Gaza.

The spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Daniel Hagari, explained in a message that he has personally spoken with chef Jos Andrés, founder of the humanitarian group, to express his condolences for the deaths of the workers.

The attack caused the death of seven NGO workers, including four foreign nationals: a Briton, a Pole, an Australian and a citizen with dual American-Canadian nationality.

They are believed to be the first foreign aid workers killed in the Gaza war since October 7, which has already claimed more than 32,800 lives, most of them women and children.

Jos Andrs himself confirmed the deaths in a message on the social network “The Israeli government must put an end to this indiscriminate killing.” The chef, born in Mieres (Asturias) in 1969, has asked the Israeli Government to “stop restricting humanitarian aid”, not continue “using food as a weapon” and “stop killing civilians and aid workers”, Pablo Pardo reports.

The WCK team was moving through a non-conflict area in two armored vehicles with the WCK logo and a light vehicle. The convoy was hit when The home of the Deir al-Balah where the team had downloaded more than 100 tons of humanitarian food aid taken to Gaza by sea route, despite having previously coordinated her movements with the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), the NGO states.

World Central Kitchen ha stopped its operations in the region and decide on the future of their work in Gaza.

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