The Emir of Kuwait demands broad participation in the parliamentary elections

The Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Meshaal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, called on Kuwaitis to participate in the parliamentary elections that will be held next Thursday.

Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad added: “We look forward to the participation of the people of our dear country in the elections, and whoever boycotts them is neglecting his constitutional right and has not fulfilled the secretariat of selection, and he has no right after that to blame anyone for the decline in outcomes or for poor performance and lack of achievement.”

Sheikh Meshaal Al-Sabah said in a televised speech yesterday, Monday, on the occasion of the last ten days of Ramadan: “We hope that the elections will result in a distinguished council with faces of enlightened thought… Members of the National Assembly benefit from previous parliamentary lessons and experiences and fulfill their national responsibilities,” according to the official Kuwait News Agency (KNA). kona).

He recommended staying away “from betraying the trust of one’s voice,” stressing that the candidate should speak in a manner that pleases God and that his dialogue should be sophisticated, avoiding offending others, arousing the feelings of voters, and inflaming their emotions at the expense of the nation and citizens.

He continued: “Your correct choice is your path to building the future of your country and your generations,” calling on everyone to stay away from fanaticism and personal interests.

Regarding the discovery of many cases of forgery of Kuwaiti nationality, the Emir of Kuwait said, “We cannot remain silent about tampering with Kuwaiti nationality.” We praise all efforts and measures aimed at preserving national identity and support them.

He added: “It has been proven to everyone the extent of the grave and serious damage that has been caused to the national identity through tampering with Kuwaiti nationality… Given what the national identity represents in terms of survival, existence, and the issue of governance and the fate of a country, attacking it is an attack on the entity of the state and its basic components.”

He said: “Everyone must not pay attention to those calling for division and strife, and we must stand together and protect Kuwait and its people.”

On the other hand, the Assistant Undersecretary for Press, Publishing and Publications at the Ministry of Information, Lafi Al-Subaie, said that the period of electoral silence begins at 12 noon tomorrow, Wednesday, until the end of voting next Thursday, in accordance with Article 22 of the National Assembly Members’ Elections Law No. 4 of 2024.

In addition, the Director of the Election Affairs Department at the Ministry of Interior, Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Hajri, announced the allocation of 123 schools to be used as polling and counting centers in the 2024 National Assembly elections scheduled for next Thursday, including 118 schools for voting and 5 main schools for counting and announcing the final results in the five constituencies.

Al-Hajri explained yesterday, Monday, that voting platforms will be distributed in the polling stations, two platforms for each committee, with a total number of approximately 1,518 platforms. (agencies)

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