Reforms: the Senate approves the direct election of the prime minister

The Constitutional Affairs Commission of the Senate has approved the government’s amendment which modifies article 92 of the Constitution and introduces the direct election of the President of the Council of Ministers.

The Government – we read in the approved text – “is made up of the Prime Minister and the ministers, who together constitute the Council of Ministers. The Prime Minister is elected by universal and direct suffrage for five years, for no more than two consecutive legislatures , raised to three if in the previous ones he held the office for a period of less than seven years and six months. The elections of the Chambers and of the Prime Minister take place at the same time.

The law regulates the system for the election of the Chambers and the Prime Minister, assigning a prize on a national basis that guarantees a majority of seats in each of the Chambers to the lists and candidates linked to the Prime Minister, in compliance with the principle of representativeness “.
The law then provides that “the Prime Minister is elected in the Chamber in which he presented his candidacy” and that “the President of the Republic confers on the elected Prime Minister the task of forming the Government; appointment and revocation, on the latter’s proposal , the ministers”.

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