Three killed in helicopter crash into mountain in Switzerland

Three people were killed Tuesday morning after a helicopter flew into a mountainside on Mount Petit Combin in the canton of Valais, southwestern Switzerland. Three others survived the crash. The Valais police announced this.

The helicopter, a type B3, crashed on the landing site of the Petit Combin while dropping off heli-skiers. When the plane reached the top of the 3,668 meter high mountain, it slid down the north slope. The investigation will have to reveal how that happened.

The helicopter contained the pilot, a mountain guide and his four clients. Two of the injured were quickly treated before being taken to hospital in Sion. A third person was also rescued. The other three occupants of the plane were found dead, police said.

According to local media, seven helicopters were called in for the rescue operation. The regional newspaper The Nouvelliste reports that this is already the third helicopter accident in Valais since mid-February.

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